Look for new gig announcements to be posted soon, in Alexandria VA and elsewhere! Also...look for announcement of Furies flood victim benefit show!

Furies featured on web radio! 

"Watcha Doing?" from the Real Time CD will be featured on Radio RNR, www.radiornr.com. Look for it soon!


This is our current songlist -- originals and covers. We are an originals band, but we can do both SAMPLE SONG LIST (The FURIES DC) (All originals copywright M.Edberg/The Furies unless otherwise noted on the CD. Covers are “our version” of the tune.) ORIGINALS (Working inventory – not total list of Furies originals) Always Balloon* Beat Song*** Blue Air Jam The Border* Candle** Chant* December*** Deep in Time The Door Dream of Angels* Floating Fly Man Four Lane* Friend*** Gone Before Gone West*…

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Name change? 

There are now a number of bands on MySpace music called the Furies -- in New York, London, South Carolina and elsewhere. We have been the Furies for at least 12 years, and unless we want to waste a lot of time trying to contact other bands, we may have to consider at least some modification to our name. For the moment, on MySpace music we are called furiesdc (`cause, well, we're from the DC area. Clever, eh?). Stay tuned...

New Furies lineup 

Like any band that has been around, the lineup changes from time to time. Well, the new Furies lineup is an exciting one -- we have added Toni Dahan on congas, Geordie Keitt on bass, and in addition to Elizabeth Collins on vocals (together with Mark Edberg), Renaisa (Dr. Re) Anthony will be adding her soul/R&B influenced voice. Furies are sounding good!