"Real Time" CD

This is the most recent CD by the Furies, featuring a dynamic range of tunes, from the funky "Watcha Doin?" to the West African-inflected "Beat Song," the harder driving "Red Mountains," an acoustic "Hands Upon My Head," straight-ahead "I Had to Dream" and many others, including the CD title tune "Real Time," -- the Furies tribute to ordinary heroes. Buy this CD today at CD Baby!

"Scratch" CD

This is the Furies' first CD, with original band members Mark Edberg, Maurice Capone, Gerson Feigenbaum and singers Tanya Dobryznski, Leslie Milofsky, and Leslie Gaston. Among its 11 tracks, features include punchy hits "Nevermore" and "Middle of the World," Latin-influenced "Stones in the Grass," a grunge-like "UB Nowhere," funky "I Thought I Saw," and "The Candle," which appeared in the soundtrack for "Handgun," a film starring Treat Williams and Seymour Cassell. Buy this CD now at CD Baby!