[NOTE: The Furies have evolved into The Black Shag Sherpas, at www.blackshagsherpas.com. Furies website information below is retained in its previous form. The Black Shag Sherpas continue to perform many Furies tunes. For information about this website and the Furies, go through the Sherpas contacts.]

The Furies are a modern rock band performing original music that combines guitar-based alternative/indie influences and a range of other stylistic themes, including funky, world music, classic rock and folk rock sounds. This diversity gives their music a catching, moving undercurrent laced at times with melodic, ballad-like qualities, at times with international overlays, at times with a funky groove, and at times pushed to a driving, biting edge. Currently, their working repertoire includes more than 70 originals. Each musician in the band adds creative input to the all-original sound. Long-time bass player Maurice Capone laid the groundwork with his moving, melodic bass lines. Current bassist Geordie Keitt brings to the mix great musicianship and diverse influences. Duke Hipp provides the rhythmic focus with a syncopated, unique drumming style, supported by Toni Dahan on congas and percussion. Mark Edberg, the band's founder (and a faculty member at George Washington University in Washington, DC), establishes the sound center with guitar chord work and leads (as well as keyboards and, on occasion, tenor sax). New member David Weinraub fills out that center with keyboards and backup guitar. Mark's “grainy” vocals are combined with those of Elizabeth Andrade and Renaisa "Dr. Re" Anthony to create a powerful mix.

The Furies have been performed at clubs and events since the mid 1990s. Current and past clubs include: • CBGB's, The Lone Star, the Cooler, and Brownie's in New York City; • Zack's Greek Taverna, Solly's U Street Tavern, The Black Cat, the Bayou, 15 Minutes, Polly’s, Julio's Capitol Hill, Club Heaven, Grog & Tankard, Club Asylum, Dylan's, Milo's, and DC Arts Center in Washington, DC; • Bangkok Blues, The Luna Park Grill, Rhodeside Grill, Crossroads (Charlottesville), Pete's (Charlottesville), T.T. Reynolds, Fat Tuesday's, Zaxx, Finicky's, Laughing Lizard, Cousin's, Zig’s, and Planet Nova in Northern Virginia; • Austin Grill (Silver Spring), Flanagan's, Rodeo, The Edge, the 8 x 10 Club, the Paragon, Max's on Broadway, Manny's, Planet X Cafe, The Rabbit's Foot, Taliano's, Durty Nelly's, Uncle Jed’s Roadhouse, Dunmor's Tavern, and Carey's Pub in Maryland. The Furies also performed at the 2006 H Street Festival, past presidential receptions (a Clinton inaugural reception at the Warner Theater), the Takoma Park (MD) Street Festival, the Goucher College (Baltimore) Oktoberfest, and the "Art Attack" festival at the University of Maryland. Their newest CD, “Real Time,” was recently released, adding to their first CD, “Scratch.” Previously, Furies singles "Nevermore," "Carol," and "The Candle" received airplay on Washington, DC metro area radio stations and on local college radio. In addition, "The Candle" appeared on the soundtrack for "Handgun," a film starring Treat Williams (Prince of the City) and Seymour Cassell, directed by Whitney Ransick. It was released on video nationwide and has been shown on Showtime and Cinemax cable networks. The Furies are also committed to playing benefit performances, and have participated in benefit shows for: Easter Seals; Pennies for People (at American University); Whitman-Walker AIDS Clinic; humanitarian aid to El Salvador; the "Save Our Cities" rally (on the mall in Washington, DC); an Earth Day festival (at George Washington University); and several of the Washington Area Music Association's Annual Crosstown Jams. The band's interests in this respect coalesce well with the social and political concerns reflected in many of their songs. [Furies lead singer/guitarist Mark Edberg formed an organization called Musicians Advocating Shared Solutions (MASS) as a vehicle to conduct benefit shows. The first of these shows was a "Stop the Violence" concert featuring four well-known local/regional bands. A second "Stop the Violence" show was held in Baltimore, also featuring area bands.]

Current band members (as of the date of the original website):

  • Mark Edberg: lead guitar, vocals (also sax and keyboards)
  • Geordie Keitt: bass
  • Duke Hipp: drums and percussion
  • Toni Dahan: congas and percussion
  • David Weinraub: keyboards, backup guitar
  • Elizabeth Andrade: vocals
  • Renaisa Anthony: vocals
  • Maurice Capone: original bassist and still part of the Furies.     

For bookings/information contact: Mark Edberg: (301) 672-2999 (cell) Email: furiesmusic@aol.com Website: www.furiesmusic.com Furies music is published through Furies Scream Music (ASCAP), c/o 708 Forston Street, Takoma Park, MD 20912. Both Furies CDs manufactured by Oasis.